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MockUp is a WordPress plugin that allows you to present your designs in a web browser.

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After the lengthy process of designing the perfect website comes the time you have to share the designs with your client. This is a moment every designer fears a little bit, because you don’t know how the client is viewing your design.

With this lightweight WordPress plugin you can take the control you need. All you have to do is upload the designs and send the link to your client. Now you can be sure your client will see the your designs the right way!

Features & options

Add description

You can add a long description to each mockup.

Get fast approval

Your customer can approve the mockup fast and easy.

Your designs organized

With the filter you will get nice overview of the the mockups per customer.

Link related designs

Allow your your customer to switch fast between related designs.

Get fast feedback

Your customers can add feedback per mockup fast and easy.

Use your own URL

Use your own website to show your work.

Email notifications

Get notifications when your customer writes comments or approves the MockUp.

Password protection

Use the native WordPress password function to protect your MockUp's.

On your own server

Keep your work safe on your own server.

Very easy to adjust

It is very easy to rewite all the text and edit everything to your needs.

Developer friendly

Easy add your own actions and filters.


MockUp uses the native WordPress functions as much as possible.

Sticky Notes

Let your customer add notes on your MockUp.
(Coming next major update)

Version Control

Add as much versions of your MockUp as you want.
(Coming soon)

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